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Robin Alarm System

Security, like you’ve never seen before…


Robin uses Zigbee to create a secure and reliable wireless network for your security system, meaning you can take it with you when you move house.


Conventional security systems are plagued with false alarm problems. We built Video into the heart of Robin so you can see what triggered the alarm before deciding on the best course of action.

A Smart Home system that actually makes your life easier…

Remote control from anywhere

Robin’s built in secure cloud service allow you to turn off your lights, unlock your front door or adjust your thermostat from anywhere in the world.

Get protected with the Robin Alarm System ? 

Alarm System Health Check

Every alarm system needs a checkup Don't let an unchecked alarm fail you.

Contact us today!


CCTV System Maintenance Checkup

Often CCTV system go unmaintained and when you need it most you wished you had it serviced and maintained.


We are happy to talk to you about your new or upgrade of your systems. Contact us today!

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