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Teleportivity is a QR-based video intercom system that anonymously connects visitors directly to the user's mobile device. Providing contactless entry is extremely important in today's world and with Teleportivity, a visitor uses their mobile device to simply scan a QR code which calls a pre-determined group of people who can answer the call and unlock the door. When using Teleportivity, there is no need to download any app, it is completely web-browser driven making it extremely user-friendly. The basic Teleportivity requires no cabling, it is perfect for retrofitting old analogue systems and providing an IP-based solution that is more flexible than most IP-based intercoms.


TEL-QRVI-B-36 provides a single page mini portal to visitors from scanning the static QR code. It provides video, voice, and text calls and comes with 3 operator logins on a 36 month subscription.




  • Single page mini portal intercom which presents a welcome message and intercom options

  • Make a video, voice, or text call via the intercom

  • No app required, Teleportivity is web browser driven for the visitor



  • Answer calls through either smartphone or PC

  • Push notification with 15 second ringing sound when using a smartphone

  • Scanned entry points shown via app

  • The operator can answer via video, voice, or text call

  • Unlock doors/floors via the app, even while on a call

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