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Creating Safe Environments for Work and Life

Improved efficiency and user experience

Hikvision designs security cameras for every specific building-security need – indoor and outdoor areas, corridors, panoramic scenes, and much more. They provide intrusion detection featuring real-time alerts and deterrents based on video content analytics, along with 24/7 color imaging – which is most helpful when forensic evidence is needed.

  • A full range of security cameras in multiple housings for all budgets, from value series to technology-packed AI powered intelligent cameras​

  • DVRs, NVRs and Access Control Systems with touchless biometric access and video viewable from anywhere​

From the most general security needs to advanced intelligent functions

Houses, apartments, commercial complexes, and office buildings all serve unique purposes in daily life, yet share similar security requirements. This is precisely why Hikvision offers a general package that includes several basic components for security and information – video surveillance systems, alarm systems, entrance and exit systems, and access control systems, for example.

Depending on real-world needs and limitations, unique combinations of each system and its functionalities can be customized.

Alarm System Health Check

Every alarm system needs a checkup Don't let an unchecked alarm fail you.

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CCTV System Maintenance Checkup

Often CCTV system go unmaintained and when you need it most you wished you had it serviced and maintained.


We are happy to talk to you about your new or upgrade of your systems. Contact us today!

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