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NX Witness
Video Management System

Easy to use. Lightweight. Scalable.

Advantages of Nx Witness VMS

Nx Witness VMS is lighting fast, easy to use, cross-platform IP video management system (VMS) / video surveillance software designed to discover, view, record, and manage IP video cameras so you can monitor, analyze and react to critical events in real time.

Nx Witness is a video surveillance software that is instantly usable, simple to install and maintain, and works exactly the way you expect. (Because you should get the VMS you deserve.)

Support for Hundreds of IP Camera Manufacturers

Nx Witness video surveillance software automatically discovers thousands of IP cameras from hundreds of manufacturers with features like advanced PTZ control, in-camera analytics, universal fisheye dewarping, two-way audio and I/O support in order to support your preferred camera vendor.

Alarm System Health Check

Every alarm system needs a checkup Don't let an unchecked alarm fail you.

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CCTV System Maintenance Checkup

Often CCTV system go unmaintained and when you need it most you wished you had it serviced and maintained.


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