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Paradox Security System

Personalized Service, Innovative Technology Since 1989

PARADOX Security Systems, a Canadian company, was founded in 1989 and has become one of the world's leading manufacturers of security technology. The company places great emphasis on product development, new technologies and that is why the development department is the strongest part of the company. 

Alarm System Health Check

Every alarm system needs a checkup Don't let an unchecked alarm fail you.

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CCTV System Maintenance Checkup

Often CCTV system go unmaintained and when you need it most you wished you had it serviced and maintained.


We are happy to talk to you about your new or upgrade of your systems. Contact us today!

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What can I make my Paradox system do?

Experience a new way of living with the paradox and its StayD feature offered in the MG5000 and MG5050 wireless security systems. Paradox's revolutionary StayD feature represents a completely reversed philosophy that resolves all issues with any security system made today.

No intruder will go undetected

A StayD system is always armed and only partly disarmed when entering or exiting a site, which is the opposite of a common security system that’s always disarmed and needs to be armed to provide protection. Paradox has a wide range of devices to complete your needs. Go with simpler and safer living

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